Fused Glass

Custom Fused and Stained Glass Bowls, Platters and Gifts

custom fused glass

Fused glass works by Scholes Studios is a coalescence of ancient techniques and contemporary designs. Our approach involves  layering pieces of richly colored glass, 23K gold, platinum and combinations of various other elements, along with sandblasted details to create exceptional, original designs.

Once the design has been completed, it’s ready to be fired in a kiln. At approximately 1500°F, all of the layers fuse together to become one. After the piece is “annealed” (cooled slowly) it’s ready for a second firing to create the shape. The glass is placed over a mold, gradually heated to almost 1400°F and is held at that temperature until it takes the shape of the mold. It is again annealed and ready for the finishing touches. The back side of the fused glass may be sandblasted or wet sanded, or left as is, depending on the desired effect.

This entire process, from design to finish, takes nearly 24 hours. The result is a unique work of art with its own characteristics. Each signed piece is a Scholes original, created to be used and enjoyed by generations to come.

Take a look at the different types of custom fused glass artwork and gifts we have to offer: