Stained Glass

Custom Stained Glass Windows, Cabinets, Doors and Repairs

customized stained glass windows

There are a number of important steps in the process of making custom stained glass pieces. We focus not only on the artistic goals but also the structural goals especially on larger projects. Designing, creating and repairing stained glass is an exciting and multifaceted process and you’ll enjoy the full benefit of our comprehensive and personalized service.

Our designs evolve from exploratory in-depth discussions. Ideas are developed by drawing from our wide experience and extensive knowledge of the materials and techniques of this beautiful medium.

We take into consideration all aspects of the project to create unique and exciting stained glass designs that exactly suit you. Practical concerns of function and installation are also vital considerations in the process.

Following discussions and appraisal, initial design ideas are presented to you and from these a specific design direction is established for development into a working design.  Glass and other material samples are presented throughout the process.

Whether your requirements are simple or complex, our completed stained glass never fails to fascinate and enchant.